Bariatric Surgery: Surgical Technique Affects Patient Outcomes

In a video review study published in JAMA Surgery in December 2020, Karan Chhabra, MD, and colleagues assessed surgeons’ various technical approaches to bariatric surgery. These techniques included approaches to dissecting the proximal stomach, sleeve caliber, sleeve anatomy, staple line enforcement, and lead testing. Previously, researchers have largely left out surgical technique as a factor when studying differences in patient outcomes. Yet, the study found that certain techniques “had a meaningful relationship with their clinical outcomes, even when we adjusted for overall skill level.” 

A New Approach to Bariatric Surgery

If anyone were familiar with improved outcomes due to superior bariatric surgery technique, it would be Dr. Tom Umbach of Blossom Bariatrics. Blossom Bariatrics is a high-volume concierge practice achieving superior results in bariatric surgery. The key to their success is Umbach’s patented technique called Safe Sleeve®, a safer way to perform a vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

His unique approach leads to better health outcomes for patients, which is why Umbach and his team recently won the Health Value Award for best obesity solution. The Validation Institute reports that while national complication averages hover around 17%, Blossom Bariatrics boasts an impressive 0.9% complication rate. As research reveals the connection between evidence-based technique and improved patient outcomes, it becomes clear that Blossom Bariatric’s success stems from its dedication to effective surgical technique.

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