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Leapfrog Group Reports Better Patient Experiences at Ambulatory Surgery Centers

woman in a ambulatory surgery center

Leapfrog Group Reports Better Patient Experiences at Ambulatory Surgery Centers

As part one of a three-part series, Leapfrog Group recently published a report about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on patient experience in outpatient surgical care. The report found that patients who had a same-day surgery were more satisfied with their care in ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) than in hospital outpatient departments in all four domains of patient experience. Patients were overwhelmingly more willing to recommend an ASC than its hospital counterpart.

Although the patient experience took a downward turn during the pandemic, ASCs still outperformed the hospital setting in every category. The researchers warn about the lower level of care during the pandemic and the need for improvement. They also hint toward a need for transparency in consumer-friendly reporting about the differences between these settings.

thumbs up for ambulatory surgery centers

If these findings sound familiar, you’ll remember similar results from Leapfrog’s previous study on ambulatory surgery centers and patient experience published last year. Year after year, ASCs prove to be the better choice for outpatient surgery for higher-quality care and lower, transparent prices.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers and High Performance Providers

These advantages of ambulatory surgery centers are reasons why High Performance Providers prefers to partner with surgeons who either own or are closely aligned with independent surgery centers.  Additionally, our research shows that higher quality outcomes are delivered in ASCs where the surgeon performs with his or her own team rather than a surgical team assigned by hospital administration.

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