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Geek Speak eBook: Breaking Down the Language Barrier between Providers and Health Benefit Professionals

Geek Speak ebook

Geek Speak eBook: Breaking Down the Language Barrier between Providers and Health Benefit Professionals

Healthcare providers and those involved in health plan design—benefits advisors and third-party administrators (TPAs)—are increasingly working together to develop relationships and direct contracting opportunities. Clear communication between the two groups is much more difficult when jargon and industry-specific acronyms get in the way of mutual understanding.

That’s where High Performance Providers’ e-book, Geek Speak, comes in. Launched in November 2021, this helpful reference guide provides honest, real-world definitions of common terms used by health benefit professionals and providers. No longer do they have to do unreliable Google searches of unfamiliar industry jargon.

Some of the definitions in Geek Speak are straightforward; others are sprinkled with the opinions and insights of the team at High Performance Providers based on more than 20 years of experience in the industry. For example, the definition of an administrative fee is:

A euphemism often used to hide the fact that an amount paid to sell a product is really a “commission.” This is most common with GPOs and their group purchasing of medical equipment. For example: A medical supplier allows a facility to charge an administrative fee on top of the discounted price instead of calling the additional fee a commission.

After reviewing the contents of Geek Speak, one benefit advisor said, “I have sometimes seen a major disconnect in the vernacular used by advisors when speaking with providers about direct contracting. This reference is helpful in that the definitions are authentic and give providers the basic terms we use so everyone can be on the same page.”

Readers of Geek Speak are encouraged to utilize this resource for personal use and distribution as long as the High Performance Provider logo and website are visible (see the copyright information on the e-book document). The authors also urge readers to contact High Performance Providers with additional entries or “translations” not yet included. There will likely be updated versions with added terms in the future.

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