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More General Surgery Bundles Available with High Performance Providers

general surgery bundles

More General Surgery Bundles Available with High Performance Providers

High Performance Providers is proud to announce the milestone of assembling over 200 general surgery bundles in Las Vegas. The most common surgery bundles relate to gallbladder removal, hernia repair, appendectomy, breast reconstruction, and mass removals. This noteworthy achievement was challenging as most surgery practices are financially incentivized to perform hospital-based surgery due to the fact that they are owned by the hospital. 

As opposed to hospital-based surgeries, High Performance Providers curates a network of the top-performing surgeons who operate in ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). Data shows that compared to a hospital setting, ambulatory surgery centers provide significant cost savings, improved health outcome measures, and higher patient satisfaction rates. The higher cost of surgery in a hospital is due primarily to facility fees, making up as much as 85% of the total charges. Ambulatory surgery centers cut down on these fees, saving health plans 30-60%. Fortunately, most planned surgeries can happen in an ambulatory surgery center environment, which is why High Performance Providers contracts with vetted surgeons working in ASCs. 

General Surgeon Highlight: Dr. Saju Joseph

Dr. Saju Joseph - general surgery bundles

Dr. Saju Joseph, one of our newest partners, is a world-renown general surgeon and one of the only fellowship-trained surgical oncologists in Nevada. Dr. Joseph graduated from Tufts University School of Medicine and did his residency at the Harvard School of Medicine. He did fellowship training at the exclusive University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He was then recruited to Las Vegas to launch and build the general surgery residency program for the Valley Health System. 

Dr. Joseph has assembled a team of high-performing surgeons specializing and subspecializing in various procedures, ensuring superior outcomes for plans who partner with High Performance Providers. Schedule a meeting to learn more about general surgery and other surgery bundles and how they can lower costs while delivering better results.