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High Performance Providers Announces New Website & Expansion

High Performance Providers website

High Performance Providers Announces New Website & Expansion

High Performance Providers, a boutique consulting firm that helps self-funded health plans deliver better health outcomes while reducing medical and administrative costs, is thrilled to announce exciting developments as the organization continues on a path of unprecedented growth. To better accommodate recent expansion, High Performance Providers relaunched its new website, highperformanceproviders.com. The redesign features more healthcare solution options, information about providers, and a healthcare blog. It also allows visitors to schedule a meeting to learn how to get more value from their health plans. 

High Performance Providers initially launched in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area, working closely with self-funded health plans, third-party administrators (TPAs) representing those plans, consultants, and high-performance networks to save them 40-60% of health spending. Today, the network is expanding nationally, most recently adding the most extensive set of bundled surgeries in Texas. The organization also added more specialty and sub-specialty solutions such as women’s health and bariatric surgery. 

Doug Geinzer, the president and founder of High Performance Providers, adds,

“We are thrilled with the growth we’ve seen because it improves our ability to provide better health outcomes and lower, more transparent costs to more people. We invite everyone to browse the new website and contact us to learn about how we can assist self-funded health plans.” 

The High Performance Provider solutions are unique in that all parties benefit from bundled surgery solutions. Patients receive improved care with reduced financial obligations, healthcare plans deliver better benefits for less than traditional networks, and providers earn more with no pre-authorization or collection costs. Click below to schedule a meeting and learn more.