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Meet Our New Client: Texas Medical Management

Texas Medical Management

Meet Our New Client: Texas Medical Management

High Performance Providers is proud to introduce its newest client, Texas Medical Management. Texas Medical Management is the most prominent curator of bundled surgeries in Texas, with operations in Austin, Houston, and, very soon, Dallas. 

Texas Medical Management logo

This partnership is exciting because of the similar philosophy between the two organizations. Each shares a passion for eliminating the complexity and lack of transparency in healthcare to make high-quality surgery more affordable. Texas Medical Management works with superior surgeons, peer-selected by their surgeon board, for their patient outcomes and reputation for excellent customer service. These high standards distinguish organizations like Texas Medical Management and High Performance Providers, making them selective curators of healthcare services rather than indiscriminate representatives who partner with healthcare providers regardless of performance. 

Texas Medical Management cuts unnecessary costs by removing the middleman, bureaucratic complexity, and administrative costs. They then share those savings with patients and their surgeons. They also offer a no-surprise billing guarantee, so patients know the price of the surgery upfront and only receive one bill. 

Dr. Keith Smith and Sean Kelley
Dr. Keith Smith (left), Sean Kelley (right)

CEO Sean Kelley is a pioneer in the free-market healthcare space. In a recent Point Health podcast with Dr. Keith Smith, Kelley says, “It’s the patient stories more than anything. A patient’s mother coming in from Atlanta had a failed total joint procedure done in Africa, where she’s from. And her daughter is a nurse at Emory in Atlanta. They tried to get her there to get it fixed. Couldn’t get it fixed, and needed an amputation. It was going to cost $50,000. We brought them here. We’re even having it done at a big system hospital, and we got the price down to $16,000 with one of the top trauma surgeon orthopedists in the state. . . . It’s those stories, really. They energize not just me; they energize everybody. It’s just inspiring. It makes you feel wonderful that you’re helping people out.”

High Performance Providers looks forward to working with Texas Medical Management and similar organizations to help patients, surgeons, and TPAs alike reduce costs and deliver high-quality healthcare. If you or your organization is a high-performing provider of high-cost steerable surgeries and has a desire to direct contract with self-funded health plans, schedule a call with us.