Our network of High Performance Providers ensure top outcomes, reducing surgical spend and post-operative care allowing the patient to return to work sooner. Value is not just price, it is quality. High Performance Providers deliver both.


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Who We Are

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Delivering Value

Value isn’t just lower prices; it’s higher quality services, too. Our goal is to provide you with nothing less than the best value in healthcare.

Transparent Surgery Pricing

Our inclusive surgery pricing includes facility, professional/surgeon, anesthesia, DME and managed ongoing post-op physical therapy. There are no hidden charges.

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Excellence Is Our Priority

We pride ourselves on connecting you to the best in the business. Our vetted providers are held to the highest standards of quality care.

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The vision of High Performance Providers is to develop a win-win-win relationship (our trifecta) between the three parties involved:

  • Patient – Receives better health outcomes and reduced financial obligation
  • Plan – Delivers better benefits for 30-50% less than traditional PPO network
  • Provider – Earns more with no pre-authorization or collections
Doug Geinzer
Amy Mecham
Director of Operations
triple aim

Delivering better health outcomes for a lower transparent price

We work closely with self-funded health plans, the third-party administrators (TPAs) that represent those plans, their consultants, and high-performance networks to save plans 40-60% of health spending. Our High Performance Providers operate in the areas of orthopedics and sports medicine, knee and hip replacement, bariatric/surgical weight loss, spine/musculoskeletal surgery, cardiovascular, ENT, men’s & women’s Health, pediatric and general surgery.


Receive experienced, expert treatment & patient care.


Get evidence-based healthcare solutions.


Gain access to our elite network of medical professionals.


Feel confident with results confirmed by research & respected in the industry.

Happy, Healthy, Wealthy

The greatest wealth, is health.

- Virgil

Healthcare Importance

Like education, healthcare also needs to be given importance