Higher Quality + Lower Cost = More Value

At High Performance Providers, we represent medical providers that are at the top of their profession and are looking to direct contract with self-funded health plans.


We work closely with self-funded health plans, the third-party administrators (TPAs) that represent the plans, their consultants and the high performance networks they seek out, often times saving plans 40-60% of health spend. Our High Performance Providers operate in the areas of Orthopedics and Sports MedicineKnee and Hip ReplacementBariatric/Surgical Weight LossSpine/Musculoskeletal and General Surgery




More and more employers are becoming self-insured and prefer to direct contract with High Performance Providers. Research shows self-funded health plans seek out Centers of Excellence (COEs) and High Performance Networks (HPNs). They look for providers that can deliver better outcomes at a lower cost. We are a go-to in the self-insured marketplace as we have prepared a network of High Performance Providers who are willing/able to demonstrate their outcomes and have a bundled case rate ready to contract.


Are you a high performing provider in your specialty or sub specialty? Are you able to demonstrate that your outcomes are better than your peers? Can your services be presented in a bundled rate? Are you interested in direct contracting with health plans? If yes – contact us.

We help High Performance Providers navigate the ever-changing healthcare finance landscape. We assist in the direct contracting process, allowing you to keep the 27-30% you currently spend on revenue cycle management (billing / collections / appeals). We get you properly introduced to self-funded health plans who are looking for High Performance Providers that have a prepared bundled price and are willing to accept payment before/at the time of service or shortly thereafter.

Not prepared for medical travelers? We can get you prepared. We can help you with contracting patient friendly hotels, transportation services, translators or patient navigators. We have a network of non-gaming properties willing to extend deeply discounted pricing to patients of High Performance Providers. 


Las Vegas is one of the most globally recognized destinations and accessible from all areas of the country and World. Last year over 44 million visitors traveled to Las Vegas. With more than 155,000 hotel rooms, accommodations could never be easier. Our concierges understand hospitality ensuring an amazing patient experience. Our High Performance Providers deliver World Class care with better outcomes, lower cost and more value. For those concerned about anonymity with their healthcare procedure…. What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.


High Performance Providers works with self-funded health plans, TPAs, consultants and existing provider networks. Our highly screened providers are fully prepared to produce validated outcomes and bundled case rates. After ensuring appropriateness of care, we can treat your local members or those traveling to one of our Centers of Excellence. We deliver Las Vegas style concierge services ensuring patient satisfaction every step of the way.

Our network of High Performance Providers ensure top outcomes, reducing surgical spend and post-operative care allowing the patient to return to work sooner. Value is not just price, it is quality. High Performance Providers deliver both.